Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since Christmas, but we forgot our camera at Aunt Lee's house, so we finally got it back to download pictures.

Mason had a fantastic Christmas and this year was a little more fun because he could actually open his presents himself - well, he actually had some help and seemed to be pretty interested in the boxes. Mason got lots of new toys, clothes, and books. Thank you everyone for all of your gifts!! One of his favorite gifts was from Grandma and Grandpa - it's a toy that has a hammer and he can put the ball in place and hammer it through all by himself - check out the video!

Mason also went sledding for the first time up north after Christmas and again this past weekend at Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Gary's wedding!!! We're so excited for Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Gary. Mason was a little worn out and fell asleep in his sled.

Mason is now 13 months old and has recently learned the sign for "more" and uses it a lot. Mom and Dad just have to learn some more signs so we can teach Mason. He is using his walking toy and getting around quite a bit - we still have to download the videos. No signs of walking on his own, but we hope he will be soon! Everything with the new baby is going well and we can feel her kick a lot.

Pictures and videos: