Friday, September 30, 2011

Kids on the Move

That's right - KIDS, plural, on the move!!!

Ava has been grabbing her toes and rolling to her right side for a few weeks.  She has been getting physical therapy help on Monday's and Wednesday's most weeks. This past Monday her PT had her roll down a big foam wedge, much to mom's shock and fear, but she did it twice with flying colors.  On Tuesday, she went back to pediatric surgery to remove the PEG tube (that stuck out of her belly pretty far in a loop shape) and replace it with a button (a tube that is more flush to her belly).  On Tuesday night, she did something similar to this:

These were taken on Thursday night.  On Tuesday night she had scooted herself off of her blanket by 90 degrees and was laying flat on her belly (her right arm had moved out from under her).  I was in the kitchen and she started crying.  I came in to find Maddi looking at Ava, who was in a completely different spot!  Ava has just turned 7 months old - way to go Ava!!

Maddi has started a gymnastics class and absolutely loves it.  We have very tall kids and Maddi is by far the tallest 2 year old in her class, but Daddy says she is also the best listener ;-).

This is Maddi on her way to her first class.  She kept saying, "Mom, I excited".

Mason has also started a gymnastics class.  He is in a class with  4 year old boys, even though he doesn't turn 4 until December, and is doing a great job.  He listens to Coach Derek very well and Mom and Dad don't go to the actual class with him!

This is Mason before his first class. Since I couldn't go into the class with him I had to get a picture through the glass.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Too much fun for words

I attempted to write a detailed blog about the last was becoming ridiculously here are some photos of our past month with a few wordy captions!

Family Reunion in Ludington, MI.  Newest family members since 2010 Family Reunion - Odetta (sleeping in stroller) and Ava (sleeping in my arms).

Uncle Jeff (Ava's Godfather), Ryan, and Ava
Aunt Tami, Ava's Godmother, wasn't feeling well.

Dad, Mom, and Maddi 
We stood in for Maddi's Godparents, Uncle Chad and Aunt Katie, who live in Arizona.

Grandma, Dad, Mason, Mom, Maddi, Ryan, Uncle Jeff, and Ava
Maddi after the ceremony

Yummy cake

Maddi carrying Daddy's beer bottle!

Beach Bum

The boys kayaking


Ava after her gtube surgery at the end of August.  Her surgery went very well and she only had to stay overnight for one night.  She will soon change from a PEG-tube (needs to stay looped out of her belly) to a button (more flush with her belly) in a couple weeks.  Notice what's missing from her face - no more tube in her nose - hooray!!
First day of preschool.
Mason's second year and Maddi's first year.