Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eating with a fork and WALKING

I did it :-)))) I ate with a fork all by myself and walked for Mom and Dad - all by myself - I'm very sturdy and Mom and Dad are really proud of me, I'm pretty happy myself! I think Mom and Dad are relieved that I'm walking before little sis comes...they were getting nervous.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting out of the House

It finally warmed up a little and we were able to take a walk outside. Mom practiced with the new camera and thought it went pretty well.

I like playing hats with Dad using Mom's mixing bowls and we also got out to the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor - it was a lot of fun and there was a lot of stuff for me to do. Dad even took over the camera for a while and got a picture of Mom and Me.

I took a couple steps between Mom and Dad...once...and haven't again since.

Check out our new pictures!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

6 more weeks of Winter?

We think the groundhog saw his shadow (when doesn't he) and we have 6 more weeks of winter. At school I made a Groundhog hat and was wearing it when Mommy came home, but took it off as soon as I saw the camera come out - maybe I'll wear it later.

This weekend we bought a new camera for Mommy and she has been taking lots of pictures of me, deleting a lot of them, but keeping some of them. Uncle Chad is going to help her learn about aperture setting and Depth of Field (she likes saying that) so she can make me pop out and look even better :-) Mom says that Dad has to learn to take these pictures too so that she can be in some of them.

I'm standing a lot on my own, but haven't taken the first official steps yet. Mom and Dad are hoping any day now. We finally got outside for a walk on Sunday with the dogs and it felt really good to be in the sun, mom even let me go without mittens for a few minutes. Yesterday I ate lunch at school with the big kids, I really liked it, mom was a little sad at first to hear I was with the big kids, but then she was happy I was such a big boy. I like to listen to music while I eat and dance in my seat - Dad says I get that from him.