Monday, December 1, 2008

First Thanksgiving

Mason has had a great November. He is growing like crazy and eating lots of snacks at school! They have started to let him sit at the big kids table for his late afternoon snack, he looks like such a big boy and loves to sit long as there are crackers!

He spent his first Thanksgiving playing in the tub - which he loves again and will even bathe by himself. For a while Daddy had to get in and play boats with him.

We went to Aunt Lee's for dinner where Mason had a great dinner of sweet potatoes, turkey, rutabaga (yes he loved it), and mashed potatoes. Mommy and Daddy ate a lot more though! Everything was delicious and Mason loved crawling around Aunt Lee's house and playing with Gordie, Grandpa, and Grandma. We think Mason's favorite part of the evening was giving himself High 5's in Aunt Lee's big mirror!!! He likes to say "weeee" now which is more like "eeeeee".

Mason survived shopping on Black Friday with Mom and Dad and got a bunch of new clothes. He even helped Daddy pick out some new shoes...Dad is teaching him early about fine footwear.

Next weekend is Mason's big day - he turns ONE on Sunday, December 7 :-)

Here are some pics from November and a video of Mason giving himself High 5's.

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