Monday, March 16, 2009

Playing outside is more fun when I can walk

I am finally walking 95% of the time :-))) Hooray!!! I am even bending my knees when I walk and not looking so Frankenstein-ish. I am so independent now that I don't like to hold hands.

A couple weekends ago we went to Tyler's 4th birthday party and Tyler shared his new band set with me. He played the drums while I played the cymbals - it was a lot of fun :-)

I had my 15 month well-visit last Friday and got 3 shots - I didn't like that until Mom gave me some grapes to eat and I cheered right up. I am back to the top of the charts for weight and height measuring 28.5 pounds (but, I had just eaten lunch) and 34.5 inches. Mom and Dad are really happy I am growing so well.

I also love to play outside now that the warm weather has arrived, I am definitely an outdoor boy - Dad says I get that from him. Mom and Dad are having so much fun with me lately and can't wait to spend more time outside.

No updates on Lil Sis - she's baking fine and Mom has an appointment tomorrow to make sure everything is going okay :-) She's hoping they'll schedule a c-section but we'll see.

Here are some fun pictures from the park and of Dad and me playing rugby already.

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