Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Year of Change

The Jones Party of Five has had a pretty amazing year of change in 2012 and an even bigger year of change is coming up for 2013.  This may be a lengthy posting, but I hope you will stick with us until the end for a picture and a BIG announcement (and no, it is not a new baby - although I've heard the pain may be a close second to giving birth!).

This past year, we have met some incredible people and have even connected with people we've actually known for several years, but held at a distance without knowing it.  We are all growing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Our family is becoming financially secure, giving in ways we never have before, and learning to focus on the important things in life.  We have been able to fully embrace our new life of being a family with 3 children, one of whom has special needs.  We have been blessed by our family and friends who give to us on a daily basis, in ways they probably don't even know they are giving!  We have been given opportunities to help others and it feels so good to give back.  The holiday season seems to bring these opportunities to the forefront, but the reality is that these opportunities exist all year long

Which leads me to our BIG announcement: 

Bill and I are running the Detroit Marathon in October 2013 in partnership with LifeChurch and Team World Vision. 

October 20, 2013 to be exact.  So, as of this posting we have 10 months and 13 days to prepare...and fundraise. 

You're probably thinking, "Kori is running a marathon?  LOL".  And I am laughing right along with disbelief that I feel this great pull to run TWENTY SIX (point) TWO miles when just last year I couldn't run around the block, and have really always dreaded running!  However, it's not just any 26.2 miles, it's 26.2 miles to raise money for clean water in Africa. 

I completed my first Half-Marathon in Detroit this past October, 2012.  And it felt good, really good, that I set a goal and completed it.  I told a few friends before the Half that I was running for Ava...because I wanted to be like that Dad who pushes his son in a wheelchair - marathon after marathon...if Ava could never run one herself.  Well, I'm sorry to say Ava (or maybe happy to say), but you are going to have to run a marathon yourself because Mommy is never pushing anything or anyone in a race!  Now, something was missing from my running.

What was missing?  Running for something bigger than myself.  That's why I've opted to run with my fellow runners at LifeChurch for Team World Vision, and am asking Bill to do the same.  I watched this video after I went for a run and was guzzling water.  This video opened my eyes to the reality that I can turn on a faucet and give my children something to drink and not worry about where it will come from or if it is safe, but not all moms can do that.  Can you imagine not being able to give your family this basic need?

If you've watched this video and are inspired to help or have been looking for ways to give back or to get in shape, then I challenge you and invite you to join our team.  I've thought of a few ways that you can help:

1.  Join our team and partner with us to commit to running a full marathon
Not only will you change the lives of many people in Africa, I guarantee that you will change your life as well

2.  Donate to our team - Sponsor a mile
If you make a tax-deductible donation to sponsor a mile for me (Just $50 will give one person clean water for life!) then I will print your name to wear on my back during the race.  If you can't run next to me (or in front of me!) then at least you will be running with me in spirit and help me through each mile.  You can donate in any amount

3.  Volunteer to watch my kids or another runner's small children
 Especially during our long Saturday runs.  Even if you aren't out there running, you are helping other runners fulfill their mission

ANYONE can finish a marathon.  I promise that you can do this and we will help you along the way.  Take the first step - it's the hardest - email or call me for more details about how to join our team and then get out there and run!!

Thank you for reading this blog message and for supporting our family every day and especially in our endeavor to inspire ourselves and others to continually grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And for more inspiration - here are our little runners who are working on completing 26.2 miles between now and April 2013

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