Monday, March 10, 2014

A New Etsy Store or A One Hit Wonder?

The last time I sewed a piece of clothing was in 6th grade.  I thought it was 8th grade, but it was actually in 1987 when I was 12 years old and taking my first Home Economics Class.  I chose to make a pair of Bermuda shorts since they were all-the-rage.  They looked something like the picture below.  I remember mine to be more of a yellow background, even uglier, and I wore public...a lot. Ugh.

1980s Bermuda Shorts
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It would be 25 years before I would attempt another project.  That is really hard to type, for the record.  I thought it would be a good idea to make Maddi's 3rd brithday cake.  A Hello Kitty Cake.  It seemed simple enough, Hello Kitty doesn't even have a mouth so decorating would be simple.  I decided to invest in a Wilson many-pieces frosting set thinking that I would make elaborate birthday cakes for each child every year, thus saving us tons of money and putting the new kit to good use.  I made Maddi's cake and several cupcake cones, dropped the tip of the froster down the disposal, broke the disposal which necessitated a new disposal.  And haven't seen the frosting kit again.  I believe it made it through the move.  It may even be sitting in our pantry as I type, I just won't be confirming its location any time soon.

Similar to Maddi's cake.  Sadly, I cannot find a picture of the actual creation.  Maddi's cake had black piping around the bow and a yellow jelly bean nose!
Photo credit: on the watermark
So, of course it makes perfect sense that I would now, 2 years after my many one frosted cake, decide to start a new project for Maddi.  One I am calling - Labor of Love and Humor.  Like every 5 year old girl and her mom, we love the movie Frozen.  Maddi especially loves Elsa when she is fancy and glittery and shoots ice.  She requested an Elsa ice dress (and high heeled cowgirl boots) for her birthday.  Sure, no problem.   Googled Elsa dresses and they range from $50 (cheap)-$200 and up, depending on the Etsy maker.  Problem - I refuse to spend that much money on a dress I don't even like.

Enter brilliant idea #1 - I will borrow Grandma's sewing machine and make my own dress.  Wait 5 minutes, brilliant idea #2 - I will buy my own machine and make the dress myself (and the machine will get good use because I can then make curtains, throw pillows, all of my children's future clothing).

I've ordered a sewing machine that had a review from a teacher that uses them with her 4th-8th graders with no problems.  Perfect for me since the last time I sewed I was in 6th grade!  Add 1 to Cart?  Yes please.

I have decided to blog about this Labor of Love and Humor so that it is saved forever. Anyone remember the heirloom bracelet that got flushed?  Well, I can't have that happen with the Elsa Gown.  That one day it will be gone from sight and forgotten. I am writing about this process so that one day Maddi will know that even though I never crafted with her (glitter and glue - I just can't do), I tried to do something crafty for her.  Maddi is my stop-and-smell-the-roses little girl.  She is the best of me (love of life) and the worst of me (stubborn) all rolled into one.  But, for her 5th birthday I am channeling her stop-and-smell-the-roses attitude and appreciating the time, energy, and the stepping-out-of-the-box-ness this will take of me. And I am excited about it.  I am hoping that the next project will be something we will make together.

Why is it a Labor of Love and Humor?  Because I'm making this out of love for Maddi and the humor will come during the process and the end product, I'm sure.  Stay tuned.  I'm sure it will be a breeze to create this:

Photo credit: Disney
And who knows, maybe this will be the first creation of a new Mother-Daughter Etsy Store...just kidding!

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