Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mason's Firsts

Well, it was a weekend of Mason's firsts - his first Labor Day Weekend, his first haircut, his first UM football game, his first time in his ducky bath, and his first time SCOOTING across the floor!!! Mom and Dad are so proud of him.

On Friday Mason got his first haircut. He laughed and sat still through the whole thing. It was very exciting, but also a little sad that our little boy is growing up. Mom thought she could cut his hair herself, but after seeing all the technique used, she doesn't think that's a good idea. Luckily, we really like the woman who cut his hair and we'll return. However, he now gets pretty bad bed head. Then we went shopping for Mason's big boy bathtub, a blow up ducky that quacks when you squeeze the beak - it's pretty fun for everyone!

On Saturday, Mason watched the big UM game with his buddy Olivia and they both wore their new UM shirts. Too bad we lost, but there is always next week.

On Monday, Mason was showing off by scooting across the floor, he is very fast and loves the floor vent and power cord. It looks like we'll have to start childproofing (or Mason-proofing) and start using the dreaded "No" word.

Here are pics from this weekend and a video of Mason scooting!

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Jenn said...

Too cute! Ashlee used to do to that same thing on her stomach before she started crawling. (the kicking of the legs) It's too funny!