Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Button's Came to Michigan

It's been a while since we updated. Mason is now 9 months old and scooting like crazy. He has 3 teeth (2 lower, 1 upper) and is working on 3 more we think. He has started to say the "na" word which is close to "ma"!

Aunt Katie, Uncle Chad, and Mya came to visit us in Michigan a couple weekends ago. It was a great weekend full of parties and fun! On Thursday night the Button's arrived and we had fun eating dinner and catching up on all of Mya and Mason's new adventures. We couldn't believe how much Mya has grown and were super excited to see her smile at us (she loves Michigan!)

On Friday night the Koch's and the Clemmonses came over for dinner and everyone got to meet Mya and the Clemmonses new baby, Harper. Daddy cooked a delicious dinner for all of us and we played the Wii - even Mrs. Thornton hula hooped!!!

On Saturday Mason had his first official photo shoot for an online t-shirt company. He did a great job and we are really excited that he is on the website. The shirts are fun too - check it out - www.lolliduds.com. Mason can be seen modeling the My Mommy Rocks, Save the Trees, and Lovin' Life shirts. Mya and her mommy and daddy went to her mommy's cousin's wedding - congrats Brad and Erin.

On Sunday Mya's cousins, Aunt, grandparents, and Great Grandma came over to meet Mason and so that we could meet Leah and Emme. All the kids played well together and it was fun seeing them - Mason looks a lot like Leah and Emme!!!! Grandma and Grandpa also came over to meet Mya, Leah, and Emme. Our house was full! Later that night Aunt Jackie came over to see the Button's again and have dinner, yummy stir fry that Daddy cooked (even though the ladies did all the chopping!). It was a lot of fun to see Mya, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Chad and we already miss them. We'll see them next summer, but we can't believe both kids will be walking!!

This past weekend it was Aunt Lee's Birthday - Happy Birthday Aunt Lee!!! Mason spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house and had a great time. Mom and Dad went to a movie and stayed up until midnight - wow - that hasn't happened in a long time. Sunday morning Grandma, Mom, and Mason went on a walk and then Mason and Mom shopped with Addisyn, Olivia, and Levity's mom's at the outlets for fall clothes.

Here is our slide show of pictures from the Button's visit. The last picture has a big announcement. Read the caption to see what it says. Also, if you can't see the pictures from the email that automatically sends, just log on to our webpage by clicking "The Jones Family" below or www.koriandbill.blogspot.com.

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