Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10 Months Old

Mason turned 10 months old yesterday!!! At his last appointment (about 3 weeks ago), he weighed 23 pounds (85%) and was 31.5 inches (99%) tall - which is way off the charts!!! We have a very tall boy on our hands. He now has 5 teeth (2 lower, 3 upper) and is working on his 6th tooth (the 4th on top). We now have to brush his teeth 2 times a day, he loves it and laughs, but not so much when we brush the top teeth.

We are practicing standing and purchased a new toy to help him stand. He's become a little more steady, but still likes scooting around on the floor the most.

As for our big announcement last time, in case you missed it, we're expecting #2 in April, the official due date is April 10 (which is also Aunt Katie's birthday!). I had an appointment yesterday where everything looks great and the heartbeat was in the 160's (my prediction is a girl, we'll see if I'm right). Our big ultrasound is November 4th where we'll find out boy or girl as long as the baby cooperates.

In the next couple weeks we are very busy going to the pumpkin patch, greenfield village trick-or-treating, maybe the zoo, and other fall festivals. Stay tuned for some fun and spooky pictures next time.

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